Andrea’s Fashion Corner

Although we’ve been in the middle of a global pandemic, it still hasn’t stopped Fashion from fully evolving.  Many have taken to social media to show off their latest fashion finds, where some have even posted videos of what they’d wear sitting front row, if they had the opportunity to attend Fashion Week. So, it’s safe to say, through all the troubles in the world, Fashion itself will always have its place to bring peace & calmness from within, and why staying up on the latest trends is a must. From oversized blazers, to floral prints, let’s get into 5 Top Fashion Trends to look forward to in 2021.

  1. Oversized Boyfriend Blazers

Dressed up or down, an oversized blazer, especially one with shoulder pads is a must have fashion staple.  In one of this season’s pastel colors, paired with pleated trousers, or straight leg denim, or a mini fitted, tank top dress, as worn in the 80s, you can’t go wrong.  Be sure to add your favorite mask, and either a cross body bag, or chunky clutch to complete the look.

  • His Shirt, Big Shirt, Her Shirt

Nothing says fashion like a simple white button-down right, but what about an oversized button down that can be pulled from “his” side of the closet, or the plus-size section in the department store, styled correctly it’s fashion!  Don’t get caught up on the color, they all work, just focus more on the structure, and fit, not going too bold with the prints.

  • Belts, Belts, and more Belts

Show off that waist! Yes, show it off by adding a belt, in all textures to help define the shape of your body, as well as, helping to breakup certain colors & prints, making them seamless visually, and complementary from a style perspective.  During your winter months, belt your sweaters and coats, then carry that same trend over into spring with your trench coats, and blazers.

  • Puffy Sleeves and Big Shoulders

The 80s is in full swing again this fashion season where shoulder pads, and puffy sleeves are everywhere! Dresses, blouses and structured blazers are all sitting a little higher on the shoulders or appearing to be filled with air from afar, yet undeniably a beautiful eccentric fashion statement. Each can be a standout statement on Its own or can easily pop a little more with a colorful scarf, or an antique broach, but take it easy on adding too many oversized accessories, such as large earrings or necklaces. Not saying they’re not allowed, one just must be careful in their selection to not look too heavy, taking away from the real fashion statement, the garment itself.

  • Speaking of Scarves

Yes, let get into it!  Scarves have been around forever, but have we really noticed them though, or used them to their full fashion potential? Scarves have become very fashion forward during the pandemic, especially early on being used as a stylish mask, but many have found numerous ways to make them an exclusive part of their fashion ensemble.  Take for instance, Instagram Influencer, Claudya Moreira from Lisbon, someone I would call the “Scarf Slayer.” She’s taking colorful prints, of delicate square fabrics to new heights. They’re no longer just an accessory worn around the neck, or as a head draping with the top down along the highway. Claudya is, giving every fashionista a reason to invest in a scarf this fashion season.  Head over to her Instagram (@claudyamoreira), where you’ll find timeless fashion and style inspiration with each video she posts. There’s nothing I could say here that would give her justice; you have to see it for yourself.

  • Soft Pastels

Yes, I’m throwing a bonus in, because knowing the season’s colors are very much as important as knowing exactly what’s trending.  Grab your lilacs, peony pinks, buttercup yellows, and powder blues in all wardrobe and accessory choices, you can’t go wrong! The beauty of each, you can style them with complementary pastel colors, or go bold with reds, greens or shades of orange, helping you make a memorable stylish impression.

As with all things fashion, you make it your own!  Don’t get too caught up in having the perfect look, aim for comfort, and simplicity.  Remember, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, where your focus should be on being safe, and practicing social distancing, not being too fussy about what’s trending, with nowhere to go, but very much aware of it for those social media posts!  😊

Thanks for stopping by Andrea’s Fashion Corner, next I may tackle the importance of having a Wardrobe Stylist/Image Consultant, and the difference in how they’re compensated, and your budget to afford one.

~Andrea Young The Stylist